October 8, 2010

Latest poll results.

Last week we asked readers about their food-shopping habits and priorities. Our poll tallied 125 votes. Here are the results. 

Q: How often do you shop at farmers' markets?
Once a week 37%
Once a month 44%
Once every six months 15%
Once a year 0%
Never 4%

Q: How often do you buy direct from farmers?
Once a week 36%
Once a month 23%
Once every six months 5%
Once a year 23%
Never 14%

Q: What foods are you most interested in buying locally?
Fruit and Vegetables 65%
Meat and Eggs 35%
Seafood 0%
Grains and Beans 0%
Dairy Products 0%

Q: Where do you live?
Portland Metro 11%
Salem/Mid-Valley 83%
Eugene Metro 0%
Oregon Coast 0%
Central Oregon 0%
Columbia Gorge 0%
Other 6%

My Thoughts

I was surprised and delighted to see that most respondents purchase foods direct from farmers (at markets or at the farm) at least once a month. That's very encouraging!

Wednesday farmers' market in Salem, Oregon.

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