February 18, 2011

Report Card: Rating the nation's top organic egg producers

Posted by Nate Rafn

Have you ever wondered about the true quality of organic eggs at the grocery store?

The Cornucopia Institute, based in Wisconsin, has created an Organic Egg Scorecard. Their list of 84 egg producers rates quality based on outdoor access for hens, space allowed, rotation of space, feed, lifespan of hens, and ownership structure of the business, among other factors. [View the List]

A few local producers are recognized on this list, including Portland's Phoenix Egg Farm and Trout Lake Abbey in southwest Washington.

Mobile hen house at McK Ranch.

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  1. We’ve since switched to Wilcox Farms Organic Eggs, from what I know, I thought they'd be a little higher on the list, they are Costco’s brand, I think that is regional though but If you live in the PNW you should check them out, they are really trying to do it right and aren’t just out for profit, we have done the side by side test and experience a dramatic difference.

  2. I would really like to visit one of their egg operations sometime to see it first hand. It seems like they are on the right track. Thanks for your comment!


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