October 15, 2010

Questions being raised about "organic" eggs.

Are organic eggs actually produced in a healthful and humane manner, or are they just like factory eggs with an overused marketing term attached?

This subject is explored in a great article today from mercola.com. Visit the link below to learn more.

If you eat these eggs, you are being ripped off.
mercola.com, October 2010

My Recommendations

Purchasing pastured eggs from a local producer is ideal. Most small-scale farmers allow customers to visit the family farm, observe the operation, and ask questions about production methods. This is the best way to judge quality, and build a trusting relationship with the person growing your food.

Look for eggs that are produced without added hormones, antibiotics, or soy. Also, make sure laying hens are given adequate space to roam on pasture.

Free-Range Egg Sources That I Trust

Good Earth Farm
Salem, OR

McK Ranch
Dallas, OR

Rain Shadow El Rancho
Scio, OR

Rocking K Farm (eggs are available at Salem Public Market)
Molalla, OR

Silver Grille (chef Nizlek uses eggs from his farm in recipes at the restaurant)
Silverton, OR

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