November 30, 2010

Dangers of farm-raised seafood

Posted by Nate Rafn published an article today about the problems associated with offshore fish farms. If you eat seafood on a regular basis, I suggest reading this report.

"Farmed fish is now so common, if you bought fish in the supermarket recently or ordered one in a restaurant, chances are it was farm raised. (About the only places you can find wild-caught fish these days are specialty fine-dining seafood restaurants.) 

These oceanic feedlots, consisting of acres of net-covered pens tethered offshore were once considered a wonderful solution to over-fishing, but the reality is far from it." [Read Full Article]

My Thoughts

As Dr. Mercola points out at the end of the article, provenance of any seafood or meat is an important consideration. I recommend talking with your local fish-monger. Make sure to ask about what's in season, where it came from, how it was harvested, etc. Purchase regionally if you can.

Shrimp at Fitts Seafoods in Salem, Oregon.

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