October 5, 2010

McK Ranch lauches Salem area buying club.

David and Bettie McKibben, owners of McK Ranch, announced yesterday that they are starting a buying club, offering grass-fed, drug-free beef, lamb, chicken, and fresh eggs to customers in the Salem area.

To sign-up, visit the McK Ranch website and submit your contact information. The McKibbens will send out an email to inform you of all the details, including products, how to place your order, drop-off location, payment, etc. Once you sign-up, there is no obligation or minimum order. You can request products as you need them. It's very flexible. The drop-off site will be in Keizer, starting October 18th at 6 PM.

For more information about McK Ranch, please see their interview on Living Culture TV.

Bettie & David McKibben.

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