October 19, 2010

Volunteers needed for huge cauliflower harvest in Woodburn.

Neighborhood Harvest of Salem is partnering with Marion-Polk Food Share to collect a massive amount of fresh cauliflower for regional food banks. 200 volunteers are needed on Wednesday, October 20th at 5 PM, in Woodburn.

Listed below are the details from Lisa Clark-Burnell, project manager with Neighborhood Harvest.

"We have an unusual event this week:  we're helping Marion Polk Food Share  make sure 200,000 pounds of cauliflower, yes, 100 tons, being donated by
a farmer doesn't get wasted. 

100 tons of good quality cauliflower is being professionally harvested by a farm crew hired by Farmers Ending Hunger in partnership with Marion Polk Food Share and the Oregon Food Bank.   The farm crew will be placing it on tarps in a large parking lot (Hershberger Motors), near Woodburn Company Stores/Outlets .  Our role is a giant bucket brigade:  take it out of the giant piles and put it into wooden totes.   As usual, our  volunteers can take part of the harvest home (up to half).   This is how all of our harvest parties work.  What's different about this one is that you don't actually have to harvest the cauliflower, just scoop it up!  

This crop is going to all of Oregon, WA, UT, AZ!  Part of it will be sent to a cannery to be put into soups for longer storage.  Please help us make sure that 200,000 lbs of nutritious veggies don't go to waste.  Be part of an army of volunteers fighting hunger.  Kids who can scoop stuff into a bucket are welcome.    What you need to bring:  gloves and a large bucket (5 gallons is a good size) for moving piles of veggies and something to take cauliflower home to your family in. 

Register as a Neighborhood Harvest volunteer picker at http://salemharvest.org/PickersInfo.html   Once you're in our database you can sign up for any harvests at the   Harvest Parties web page: http://www.salemharvest.org/harvestlist.php  When you sign up for the harvest, a thank you page shows up giving your exact directions to the harvest party."

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