October 21, 2010

Cauliflower harvest in Woodburn reaches food banks throughout western U.S.

A partnership between Marion-Polk Food Share, Farmers Ending Hunger, and Neighborhood Harvest of Salem, was successful in shipping 80,000 lbs. of fresh cauliflower to food banks and canneries in four western states.

The crop was donated by a farmer just north of Woodburn, Oregon. Farmers Ending Hunger hired a professional farm crew to harvest the cauliflower, while Neighborhood Harvest of Salem signed-up volunteers to pack the vegetables for shipping.

On Wednesday, the first load of cauliflower was piled onto a large plastic tarp in an empty Woodburn parking lot. Armed with work-gloves and five-gallon buckets, volunteers picked through the mound of cauliflower, placing whole heads into large cardboard boxes to be shipped.

Today, another 120,000 lbs. is being harvested and shipped, bringing the estimated two-day total to 200,000 lbs.

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To volunteer, donate, or learn more about these great organizations, please visit their respective websites.

Neighborhood Harvest of Salem
Marion-Polk Food Share
Farmers Ending Hunger

Volunteers packing cauliflower in Woodburn, Oregon.

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