December 30, 2010

Congress passes huge food-safety bill

Posted by Nate Rafn

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act was passed by Congress last week. The new law gives the FDA and other government agencies authority to perform inspections of agricultural facilities, issue food recalls, and inspect safety records of farms and  food processors.

According to U.S. Recall News, each of Oregon's five representatives in Congress voted in favor- David Wu (D), Greg Walden (R), Earl Blumenauer (D), Peter DeFazio (D), Kurt Schrader (D).

For a summary of this law and its far-reaching implications, read this article by Dr. Susan Berry.

"Amidst the hustle and bustle of the “lame duck” Congress, another law was passed that didn’t quite get the same media coverage as the Bush tax extension “package,” the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and the new START treaty. The Food Safety Modernization Act was not steeped in the same level of popular controversy as these other pieces of legislation. Nevertheless, its passage may affect our daily lives even more than these, and in a rather stealth manner." [Read More]

To learn more about the possible impact on farmers in Oregon, read my article for Salem Weekly.

"Critics of Senate Bill 510 (S.510), the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, believe new regulations will put small farms out of business." [Read More]

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