October 8, 2011

Chickens In The Yard proposes changes to Salem's ordinance

by Nate Rafn

Chickens In The Yard (CITY) announced in their newsletter today that they are proposing changes to Salem's existing chicken ordinance.

According to a report from the Community Development Department, fifty applications were received by the City of Salem for chicken coop licensing since the ordinance went into effect on October 27th, 2010. Re-inspection issues have been minimal and code violation cases were less than what Compliance Services had responded to prior to the adoption of the chicken ordinance. All ten of the violation cases were easily resolved.

Because the chicken ordinance has not created a code enforcement problem or financial burden for Salem, CITY is asking for six changes to the ordinance. They want to eliminate inspections, reduce the license fee, and increase the number of hens allowed, among other changes.

The proposal is currently being reviewed, and there may be another city council meeting to hash things out. Visit www.salemchickens.com to stay up to date on this issue.

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