November 26, 2010

Living Culture Archive: Julekage

by Nate Rafn | Living Culture

Holiday breads are of great interest to me. They represent important cultural traditions that should not be overlooked. A few years ago I wrote an article about holiday baking for Salem Weekly.

Here's a snippet:

"Baking is part science, part art-form, and part tradition. Recipes and procedures are handed from one generation to the next- from expert baker to the young novice; from mother to daughter; from executive chef to the line cook; and so on. We make Grandpa’s julekage the same way he made it, not because his recipe is perfect or because Grandpa was a chemistry major, but because that’s how he taught us." [Read Full Article]

This video, from Living Culture's 3rd season, features holiday breads from Cascade Baking Company, plus a visit with Bruce & Louise Rafn- my Grandparents.


  1. Such a nice look back. Thanks for sharing this.


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