November 22, 2010

Poll Results: Thanksgiving Holiday

We were curious how our readers and viewers felt about Thanksgiving this year. So we came up with a few questions to get a feel for how people choose to celebrate the holiday.

We also wanted to know, given the struggling economy, if the overall mood of the holiday would be any different this year. Do we have more to be thankful for, or less? Have our priorities changed in any way?

Here are the results.

Q: What do you like most about Thanksgiving?
spending time with family 53%
delicious food 38%
watching football 6%
having the day off 3%

Q: How do you prepare the turkey?
roast in the oven 78%
brine, then roast 11%
we don't eat turkey 6%
barbecue 6%
deep fry 0%

Q: What are you most thankful for?
family and friends 58%
good health 15%
having a job 12%
having a place to live 12%
all of the above 4%
good food 0%
football 0%

Q: Where do you plan to buy your turkey?
grocery store 56%
direct from a farmer 22%
no turkey this year 14%
LifeSource 7%

Q: What is your top priority?
family 75%
achieving destiny 5%
serving god 5%
friends 5%
work 5%
community 5%

Q: Are you better off this year?
yes 50%
the same 30%
no 20%

My Thoughts

It's good to see that most respondents feel better off this year, or at least the same. Most respondents also seem to have their priorities in the right place. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. Yo Diggs, this is a little more diverse than I thought it would be. Thanks for asking the questions.


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