April 1, 2011

Old Mill Feed & Garden hosts Chick Day

The Hendersen family has organized this annual chicken-keeping event at their store in Dallas for several years. They've incorporated educational tools, resources, and helpful products to help those interested in raising chickens at home.

Here's a note about Chick Day from co-owner of Old Mill Feed & Garden, Jon Hendersen:

"Chick Day at Old Mill Feed & Garden is “The Poultry Event of the Year.” This year, join us in welcoming Salem residents to the flock of chicken owners.

We begin taking reservations for chicks in January. A list of choices is posted at our store and on our website, oldmillfeed.com. By Chick Day, 75% or more of our available chicks have been reserved. On Chick Day, customers hand-select their chicks with the help of Chick Day volunteers. Once they have chosen their new family members, the proud parents are given a brief “Baby Chick Care” handout and can speak one-on-one with experienced chick owners who guide them through the chick-raising process. Feeders, waterers, brood lamps, bedding, feed, supplies, and coops are all available in the store.

In the spirit of the day, Chick Day carries a festive attitude. Parents and grandparents are invited to bring their kids or grand-kids by to view the baby chicks and ducks. Music played that day is all poultry-related, a giant chicken strolls our historic building, we offer treats for children and adults alike, and our collectible Chick Day mug is free for the first 150 chick buyers. Customers have even been known to come in costume!

Whether or not you have chickens, we invite everyone to join us for The Poultry Event of the Year." - Jon

Event Details

Chick Day at Old Mill Feed & Garden
1313 Main Street in Dallas, Oregon
April 2, 2011 8:30am – 5:00pm

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