September 15, 2013

Dinner at the Rafns' is open to the public at new venue

Salem, OR - After a five month hiatus, Salem's underground supper-club will return at a new venue. Dinner at the Rafns' is now a regular event at Rafns' Local Foods, a new grocery shop in downtown Salem owned by Nate and Rochelle Rafn. While the farm-to-table concept remains the same, the dinners are now open to the public for the first time.

In 2006, Nate launched Dinner at the Rafns' as an invitation-only supper-club operated inside his modest South Salem home. Nate and Rochelle married in 2011 and together they moved the supper-club to West Salem, where they would host monthly dinners for up to 39 guests. Each dinner featured a local farmer or artisan who's products formed the foundation of the evening's meal. Dinner at the Rafns' developed a loyal following and regularly booked-up weeks in advance.

Based on their success with Dinner at the Rafns' and the relationships they had built with dozens of local farmers, Nate and Rochelle decided to take the leap and start their own legitimate restaurant. In June of 2013 they opened Rafns', a local deli and grocery shop dedicated to sourcing the finest foods from right here in Oregon.

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