March 7, 2011

Online poll results for home gardening in the Willamette Valley

by Nate Rafn

Last week we asked our readers if they plan to cultivate a home garden this year.

Gardening is very popular in the Willamette Valley. The climate is mild, water is plentiful, and soil is good in most areas. These favorable conditions allow us to grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers, and trees.

The following poll results show that the majority of our readers grow gardens, along with many of their friends and neighbors. It also shows that they're interested in a variety of garden projects that significantly reduce waste and increase self-sufficiency. Here are the results:

Q: Do you plan to grow a garden this year?
yes 95%
no 3%
maybe 3%

Q: What are you interested in growing?
tomatoes 18%
leafy greens 18%
root vegetables 15%
flowers 13%
squash 12%
fruit 11%
corn 8%
chickens 5%

Q: What other garden projects are you interested in?
composting 28%
green house and/or cold frames 20%
container gardening 20%
rain barrels 17%
chicken coop 8%
sharecropping with neighbors 8%

Q: Do your friends and neighbors grow gardens too?
a few 52%
most of them 48%
yes, all of them 0%
none 0%

Gardening Links

Spring Gardening Guide for the Willamette Valley

Chicken resources at The Chick Inn

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