August 15, 2011

Living Culture episode 73 with Heritage Farms Northwest

by Nate Rafn

Episode 73 takes us to some interesting places. First, we visit Heritage Farms Northwest and listen to a symphony of snorts and oinks as the pigs at get ready for dinner. We speak with Wendy Parker about how she raises them.

Next we get an overview of direct-market agriculture in Oregon. OSU professor, Larry Lev, and Corvallis-Albany Farmers' Markets director, Rebecca Landis, discuss the importance of local food systems. Additional appearances are made by Bette & David McKibben, Laurie Carlson, and John Zielinski.

The final segment in Episode 73 is a conversation with Shelley Behymer, co-owner of The Chick Inn. She shares her passion for rare chicken breeds.

Living Culture - Episode 73


  1. Way cool, sweet watching, Nate!

  2. Where can I purchase eggs from Chick-Inn. I live in Monmouth. Leona Roe


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