January 16, 2012

Salem City Council to revisit chicken ordinance

Based on a positive report from Salem's Code Compliance Office, Barbara Palermo and her group, Chickens In The Yard, hope to get Salem's chicken ordinance modified.

Chickens In The Yard successfully pushed for legalization in late 2010. Since then, they've worked on behalf of urban chickens and pro-chicken residents, organizing a backyard coop tour and providing educational opportunities for chicken owners in the area.

At the next Salem City Council Meeting on January 23rd, Councilor Chuck Bennett will make a motion to modify the chicken ordinance. The proposed modifications aim to: reduce the cost of the chicken license; reduce the number of inspections; increase the number of hens allowed; and allow chickens at churches, schools, and community gardens; among other changes.

Supporters are encouraged to attend this meeting.

Salem City Council
555 Liberty St. SE, Room 240
Monday, January 23rd 6:30pm

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