October 31, 2012

Recipe contest to resurrect Thanksgiving tradition

Fairview Farm Goat Dairy is holding a recipe contest to encourage the use of goat dairy products at Thanksgiving dinner.

Laurie Carlson, co-owner of Fairview Farm Goat Dairy in Dallas, Oregon, notes that the first Thanksgiving feasts at Plymouth Colony would have included goat milk products. Milking goats arrived on the Mayflower along with the Pilgrims. Cows did not arrive for at least four more years, so those early meals surely would have included goat milk to supplement the food obtained from the local natives.

To promote cooking with goat milk and cheese, Fairview Farm Goat Dairy has announced a recipe contest. They are looking for recipes that include goat milk, yogurt, or cheese. All entries need to be submitted by November 22nd 2012. Entries should be submitted via email to fairviewfarmdairy@yahoo.com. The contest winner will receive $250 worth of award-winning chevre. Visit www.fairviewfarmdairy.com for details.

Fairview Farm Goat Dairy on Living Culture:

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