September 24, 2010

Fruits of late summer.

I think grapes are one of the overlooked fruits of late summer. Obviously, a wine-maker would disagree. But when most people think of fruit at the end of the growing season, apples and pears are the first thing to come to mind, followed by blackberries and maybe plums.

Our neighbors planted a grape vine several years ago that clings to fence separating the two yards. The grapes, which usually ripen in September, are thin-skined, seedless, and white. While these grapes are perfect for fresh eating, we've been trying to utilize them as best we can in our culinary creations. We squeezed them for juice a few times, which turned out pretty good. We made grape jelly one year. My mother has also dehydrated them to make raisins.

I might make white vinegar this year...

White seedless grapes on the vine.

Grape vine along our fence.

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