April 28, 2011

Keizer may follow Salem in legalizing chickens

by Nate Rafn

Supporters of chickens in Keizer will have an opportunity to give public testimony at Keizer's Planning Commission meeting on May 11th.

A handful of residents have lobbied for legalization of backyard chickens for just over two years. 15-year Keizer resident, Scott Mack, started the process in February 2009.

"It has taken much longer to get to this point than I ever thought it would," says Mack. "I never wanted to put much time into an effort to make chickens legal in Keizer, but so far it has gone pretty smooth."

Mack has received help and advice from Barbara Palermo, co-founder of Chickens In The Yard (CITY). Palermo led a successful campaign to create a chicken-friendly ordinance in Salem. CITY now organizes workshops and events related to backyard chicken-keeping.

Unlike Salem, Keizer staffers are not seeking a licensing and permitting system with regard to backyard chickens.

Although Mack believes Keizer City Council will ultimately support a change in the development code to allow chickens, he's hoping for a good turnout of supporters on May 11th and at future City Council meetings.

"Show up at Keizer City Hall on May 11th at 6pm and give public testimony...," Mack urges. "There will also be a City Council meeting, most likely, a month later where we would need the same or greater turnout of people willing to give public testimony."

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