March 9, 2012

Local groups team-up to offer gardening workshop series

Marion-Polk Food Share, Pringle Creek Community, Willamette University and Marion County Master Gardeners are joining forces to offer a series of 13 workshops aimed at beginning and intermediate gardeners. All workshops are hosted by experts and enthusiasts from the local community. A $5 donation is suggested per workshop.

You can RSVP to any and all workshops by calling 503-581-3855 ext. 329, or email Address and directions will be provided upon RSVP. See the workshop schedule below for dates and descriptions.

1. Sunday, March 18: 1-3pm. Taking advantage of sun and shade in your yard: Herb gardens, Shade gardens, and Mushroom Basics (for both unwanted and edible mushrooms).
Presenters: Briana Lindh and Susie Dunham, each is a Professor of Biology at Willamette University
Venue: Willamette University’s Zena Farm

2. Wednesday, March 28: 5-7pm. Gardening 101: An introduction to growing your own food.
Presenter: Nicole McDavid, Urban Farmer at Pringle Creek Community
Venue: Pringle Creek Community Garden

3. Saturday, April 7: 10am-12pm. Soil health in the home garden.
Presenter: James Cassidy, Crop & Soil Scientist, Oregon State University
Venue: Redeemer Community Garden

4. Saturday, April 21: 10am-12pm. Attracting birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden. Presenters: Bev Loos, mason bee enthusiast, and Dean Wentworth, Botanical Garden and Greenhouse Curator at Willamette University
Venue: Willamette University’s Zena Farm

5. Saturday, May 19: 1-3pm. Vegetable gardening in the northwest.
Presenters: Peter Henry, Zena Farm Manager, and Jennifer Johns, Associate Director for Sustainable Agriculture Education at Willamette University
Venue: Willamette University’s Zena Farm

6. Thursday, June 7: 5-7pm. Vermicomosting: Creating compost with worms.
Presenter: Gretchen Doering, AmeriCorps Service Member, Marion-Polk Food Share.
Venue: Hammond Community Garden

7. Saturday, June 16: 10am-12pm. Garden friends and foes: Managing pests and encouraging beneficials in your garden.
Presenter: Gail Gredler, Instructor of Horticulture, Chemeketa Community College.
Venue: Southeast Salem Neighborhood Garden

8. Saturday, July 14: 10am-12pm. An introduction to permaculture design.
Presenter: Andrew Millison, permaculturalist and instructor at Oregon State University.
Venue: Sunnyside Organics, River St. House.

9. Sunday, August 12: 12-2pm. Heirloom varieties and saving your own seed.
Presenters: Diana Cason, seed saver enthusiast & Ian Dixon-McDonald, Marion-Polk Food Share Community Gardens Program Director.
Venue: Redeemer Community Garden

10. August, TBD. Cover crops and winter gardening
Presenter: Pete Nagy, Northgate Forgiveness and Peace Garden Coordinator and winter gardening enthusiast.
Venue: The Oregon School for the Deaf Urban Farm

11. September, TBD. Hoop house construction
Presenter: Pamela Lyons-Nelson, Fuente de Vide Community Garden Coordinator
Venue: Fuente de Vida Community Garden

12. September, TBD. Season extension with cold frames
Presenter: Michael Taylor, the Greenhouse Catalog.
Venue: Northgate Forgiveness and Peace Garden

13. Sunday, October 14: 1-3 pm. Crop rotation and companion planting for your garden. Presenters: Peter Henry, Zena Farm Manager, and Jennifer Johns, Associate Director for Sustainable Agriculture Education at Willamette University.
Venue: Willamette University’s Zena Farm


  1. This is very great! This would really bring good training for beginners. It's nice to have a group of people like you to value and share the importance of nature and environment=). Hope you have butterfly gardening on the list of your workshop sessions. Keep up the good work!

    David Wofford
    Just click here for creating a butterfly garden

    1. i read your blog and found the useful information about Garden Workshop series...


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