January 13, 2013

Ron Hays leaves Marion-Polk Food Share

The president of Marion-Polk Food Share (MPFS) has announced that he will step down on January 31st 2013. Ron Hays joined Marion-Polk Food Share in 2005. Since then, he has guided the non-profit in improving the quantity and quality of the emergency food supply, and implementing programs that address hunger and poverty at their roots. Hays also spearheaded projects that added $2 million in improvements to the Salem warehouse, including construction of the Community Kitchen and Community Repack Center.

"The time is right for me to make this change. MPFS is a healthy, strong organization
with a great staff, board, thousands of dedicated volunteers and a highly qualified Leadership Team," said Hays. "I am confident that MPFS will continue to be one of the best food banks in the state and, in my opinion, the nation. I am very grateful for the many partners that make up the MPFS community: our donors of food, funds and time; our 100 partner agencies on the front lines of hunger-relief; and all who work with us to find and implement lasting solutions to hunger."

The Marion-Polk Food Share Board of Directors has formed a selection committee to find a replacement for Hays. Until then, the Board has asked the management team to serve as interim leadership for the organization.

Hays has accepted a position with the Department of Mission Advancement, providing assistance to local nonprofits.

Marion-Polk Food Share is a nonprofit, charitable organization that works to help
alleviate the suffering of hunger among low-income families and to develop lasting hunger solutions. MPFS helps one in five households fend off hunger by distributing food from a variety of sources through a local network that includes 100 partner agencies. For more information, visit www.marionpolkfoodshare.org.

Ron Hays and the MPFS Community Gardens Program on Living Culture:

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